5 Exciting New Features in the Latest WhatsApp Update May 2023

Discover the top 5 exciting new features in the latest WhatsApp update of May 2023. Stay updated and enhance your messaging experience today.

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messenger app in the world, in which we communicate with our loved ones, our relatives, our friends, our family, and our business startups.

Currently, there are almost billions of WhatsApp users who are using WhatsApp for their personal business or personal use, but they have some value they want.

Some people want to know how WhatsApp is made and how it can be more useful for their business and with their loved ones. It can best be used to keep in touch.

Considering these questions and requirements, WhatsApp has decided to use the best features for WhatsApp users, by using which WhatsApp users can benefit.

So without wasting your time let’s go ahead and explain how WhatsApp will improve its services for its users.

WhatsApp Features Coming All The Way in 2023:

Every time WhatsApp is updated it brings many interesting and bad features for its users, their goal is only to keep the user always safe and they understand that using WhatsApp.

If someone will talk to someone or share something with someone or send something to someone, give information to someone, if there is a transaction of something, then people always keep their own while using you, so continue in the same way. Let’s go ahead and tell what WhatsApp has done this time looking at the security of the people looking at the wishes of the people.

Screenshot Blocking:

Currently, the short dua mechanism is in testing which is in WhatsApp beta office. All buyers will soon find that anything they send that you sell, especially in View One mode, will no longer be able to be viewed, videotaped or shared by anyone else. You will be able to take a screenshot and not for your safety WhatsApp also thought better that the user will never let this happen to anyone.

Clickable Links on WhatsApp Status:

Today, when we use Instagram, a link is given inside the story of Instagram, on which we click, then we reach the desired web page or website, just like WhatsApp. has introduced this feature for the convenience of users that if you want as many people as possible to see your status, all of them can join one of your links and provide reply information to someone quickly. To enjoy it quickly, you just have to put the link above the status and the link of the status is above it, when any person sees your status, he will click on it and then he will reach it.

Increased Time Limit for Deleting Sent Messages

If there is something you want to send to a loved one and they only see it once or twice and then delete it, what happened earlier was that WhatsApp wrote this in its policy. That you can delete it within 1 hour 8 minutes and 14 seconds but now it will not happen now WhatsApp has planned to improve its users by extending this time limit to 60 hours. will go

Retrieve Deleted Messages on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is now going to introduce this feature for its users that if something you have sent to someone or someone has missed you, you can get the desired item without wasting any time. are and once you get it you can keep it and you can delete it if you want

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